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PWP 7 I What to do When Everyone Gets Sick

parenting, kids, sickness, washing hands, kids, toddlersIt happens to us every year without fail.  Around mid-January, everyone in our family gets sick.

Throughout our now five years of this happening, we’ve picked up a trick or two.

In this episode we discuss how you can prepare for sickness ahead of time, what to do when you’re in the midst of it, and thoughts on how to proceed afterwards.

Listen to hear us discuss how we’ve kept our sanity, what we put on the beds to keep mess at a minimum and how sick times have actually made our family stronger.  (In hindsight of course!)

In this episode:

  • Two things you can do before everyone gets sick that will help when you’re in the midst of it
  • How we convince people to watch our sicks kids while we mend ourselves
  • Silver linings that can be found once everyone is feeling better

Items of interest:

  • No links this week.  I could have put a link to some Kleenex but I think you know where to find those ;)

PWP 7: What to do When Everyone Gets Sick

All the kids sick? You sick as well? This episode is being published late because, well, sickness.

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PWP 6 I Top Tips For Helping Your Kids Eat Healthy

parenting, tips, toddlers, picky eaters, dinnertimeDo you want to set your family up for mealtime success?  Do you want to do your best to avoid having picky eaters?

Already have picky eaters?

In this episode we not only discuss 6 strategies about how to “start as you mean to go” in regard to kids and food, but we also have some quick wins to help with kids that are already picky eaters.

Listen to hear us discuss our double beans problem and how we have often fail at one of our own strategies suggested.

In this episode:

  • How figuring out our “why” in regard to food and nutrition helped us to avoid having picky eaters
  • “Attitude is everything”, plus five more strategies to help your kids build healthy eating habits.
  • Three easy ways to encourage your already picky eaters to try something new

Items of interest:

PWP 6 Top Tips For Helping Your Kids Eat Healthy.mp3

Do you want to set your kids up to not be picky eaters?  Do you already have a picky eater?  Then this episode is for you!

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PWP 5 I Traveling With Children

kids, toddlers, traveling, family, parenting

Thinking about taking a trip with the kiddos but not sure how to pack, how to entertain them, how to keep your cool for the long journey?

Whether traveling locally, just hours away from home or internationally, we’ve got you covered.

We have traveled with our boys inter-state, out-of-state and internationally and have some very practical tips and resources to help you in your journey.

In this episode:

  • The most important thing to have before you leave
  • Ninja moves for preparing to travel in cars and planes with your kids
  • Hacks for minimizing whining while in said cars and planes
  • Practical ideas for keeping everyone busy and happy

Items of interest:

  • Tell Me a Story Cards – cards our kids used on the plane, no batteries required!
  • Imagining Aloud Stories – our all original children’s audio stories
  • Sparkle Stories – another fantastic screen-free resource, the new app is amazing!
  • An invitation to our private Facebook community
  • Below are the photos that I mention in the show.  Be sure to listen to the episode for context otherwise these will just appear to be photos of deodorant and funny stickers

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parenting, family, travel, toddlers, packing

parenting, kids, family, planes, travel

parenting, kids, family, travel, traveling, packing, stickers