Hi!  We’re Christopher and Sarah Wehkamp.DSC05941

We conceived Parents Who to realize one simple vision: to help you create your ideal family life.

We know what it’s like to have questions and feel frustration when it comes to trying to figure out what is best for your family.  There are so many experts and well-meaning friends and family that it’s hard sometimes to hear your own voice telling you which way to go.

It wasn’t that long ago that we were struggling to come up with a vision that was right for our parenting style and our unique children.  With so many ideas and choices out there, it began to feel overwhelming.

As we gathered and created ideas, we began to realize how beneficial it would be to have all these resources in one place.

The more ideas we found, the more excited we grew to share these ideas, techniques and resources with our family and friends.DSC03588

As we shared these powerful ideas with the important people in our lives, they expressed their satisfaction to find out first-hand how to define what is best for their family and how to make it a reality.

We want to help you take the first step towards tuning out the noise and the “shoulds” and identifying what is best for your family.  We’ll also arm you with the tools necessary to deal with the inevitable friction you might experience when you do decide to do things your own way.

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From Our Family to Yours,

Christopher & Sarah Wehkamp

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