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The Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison

Even though this book is about the author’s books getting older and leaving home, it has immense value of parents of young children.

Instead of reading the book when your child leaves home and thinking “I wish someone would have told me,” well, Katrina does.

Katrina has a sincere appreciation for the valuable gifts of quality, meaningful family life.

A great read to center and calm you on your worst parenting days.

pamela druckerman, parenting, kidsBringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman

As Americans we can sometimes come to believe our way is the only way.  Pamela does a great job in this book of informing and relaying how another culture (in this case France) has navigated their way through the trials of parenting.

I found numerous tips and tricks in Bringing Up Bebe.

I especially liked the parts about restaurant behavior and day cares.

If you ever wonder why children of today seem over-indulged, yet fearful and uncooperative, read this wonderful book.

parenting, kim john payneSimplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

This book is as helpful as it is encouraging.  It is a go-to guide for making your family time and home simpler, and more enjoyable.

No pie-in-the-sky ideas here.  Just practical advice and tools to calm your jam-packed schedule and life.

Kim John Payne is clear and affirming.

If you want to keep your parenting sane, simple and practical, read this book.


Graco Turbobooster carseatscar seat, durable, kids, travel

One of our very good friends Christie gave us these car seats at our baby shower.

We couldn’t imagine at that time that our boys would ever being big enough to need them.

Time flies, and thankfully, when they were big enough to graduate carseats, we had these ready and waiting.

The best features of this carseat are:

1. How easy it is to wash

2. The cupholders slide in and out (great for forgotten grapes turning into raisins)

3. You can check them in at airports and they will come out at baggage claim in one piece.

canon, slrCanon 3Ti Digital SLR Camera

You want to upgrade your point and shoot camera?  Then this is your answer.

The Canon 3Ti is a great introduction to digital SLR’s.

They are durable (read toddler-proof), easy to use, take beautiful photos and are reasonably priced.


giggle, children's storegiggle

Picking out baby stuff can be overwhelming.  Shopping at giggle helps minimize the pain and maximize the ease.

They have curated lists that will help you pick out just the necessities (or the extras) whichever you prefer.

And if that’s not enough, they also have “giggle criteria” to help you to know if items are “innovative, travel-friendly, space-friendly…,” the list goes on.

Websites & Services

audio booksaudible

We know what it’s to feel book starved.  Or starved to actually be able to do something for yourself.

It wasn’t that long ago that we were pushing a stroller on long walks, sitting through long nursing sessions, and driving long car rides across town to visit family.

Then we discovered a way to be able to “read” some books we wanted (and yes some parenting books too) while also attending to the tiny humans.

Audible is the answer to any parent or family that likes to read but doesn’t always have the time or the place to sit down and open a physical book.

photo storage, family photos, photo printingThisLife

ThisLife is the Swiss army knife of photo organization and sharing.

It syncs your photos and videos automatically from all your devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc…) and your favorite sites (Instagram, FB, etc…).

You can also allow others to upload their photos to an event you shared together.

This is the best solution for online photo storage.